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Welcome to Tudorhime. This quiet town in the hills is home to her few, but proud, citizens. But all's not well. On the eve of the town's 30th anniversary, a young servant has been slain in the dead of night, and it is up to you to figure out who it could be. Speak to suspects, use their comments to unlock clues, and uncover the motive of the murder in Tudorhime.

Version 1.11 now available. It gives "Advice Guy" a name, and fixes a noticable spelling error.

Please comment below. Tell me your experience with this game, and how future games might be improved.

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Install instructions

Click on the blue cube icon to begin installation. (I recommend that you install to desktop for ease of access)

Once installed, click on the dragon Icon to begin playing.


Dollar Dungeon 2 v1.11.exe 189 MB